Become profitable with millions spend on ads

We build your safe made to measure infrastructure, you earn from it

We already manage billions daily data for them

Make the most of your data today, and in the future

mediarithmics’ real-time data activation and hyper-personalisation solutions are underpinned by innovative and sustainable engineering. We built our technology with your challenges and opportunities in mind, and a careful eye on the future of marketing and technology.

Our platform enables large consumer brands to know how their consumers really engage in a privacy-safe framework. It’s your data - now is the time to make the most of it!

Super-charged marketing at your fingertips

Precise, effective data activation requires adaptability and scalability. mediarithmics interface enables you to store all your customer data in one central location, capable of executing any marketing activation you can think of.

Thus, all your teams are working from the same data, giving you more continuity across your marketing efforts. Additionally, targeting and bid calculations will be more precise and efficient.

Your unique marketing stack

At mediarithmics we take flexibility very seriously as we know every brand has unique requirements.

Our solution is the most flexible one on the market: we can integrate all your marketing applications.

This is what truly advances your data-driven strategy and enables you to adapt quickly to any changes in your business or the wider world.

Questions and answers

Which solutions do you offer to replace third-party cookies?

Many! From PPID to Contextual targeting, but also EDGE computing, Semantic targeting... we've built a very strong setup to anticipate the end of cookies. Book a call/demo now with us to match your needs with our solutions!

Why should I get a 360° customer view?

Getting the strongest relationship possible with your customer involves being able to record in one place all your interactions under activatable format. In your data infrastructure, the node representing the user is called a user point and acts as the central point linking all the information collected. It's crucial for building the way you will interact with your customer and offer him what can bring you the highest value in return.

Why would I need a "Next-Gen CDP" and not a CDP?

To build a 360° customer view that won’t be based only on cookies tomorrow, we strongly believe marketing teams need to rely on a platform which links media with CRM and multiple IDs to collect more data per user.

Our platform breaks down the silos and gives marketers more control over their data. With providing future-proof technological infrastructure, we are able to ensure delivery of all marketing use cases — for today and tomorrow.

What are the main differences between a DMP and a CDP?

A media DMP enables Ad sales to serve targeted ads, using anonymous data, at scale. They focus more on segments of users you know less about, instead of single customers. In a DMP, much of the info typically expires after 90 days. You generally want the audience activation functions of a data management platform (DMP).

On the other hand, a CDP offers much richer functions through creating detailed, identifiable customer profiles for improved ad targeting, personalisation, segmentation, loyalty programs, and the entire customer journey — at a high level of accuracy and precision.

How does mediarithmics work?

Best marketing decisions always stem from the most granular data. To empower the most efficient decision-making, the mediarithmics platform can collect data from any source: whether it comes from the online activity of your users or from offline sources, everything you need to know is stored in a graph, to connect all the information collected about one single user.