Grow your advertising revenue with rapid data-driven audiences

Leverage consentless / cookieless alternatives today to create high-impact segments

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  • Tuesday 28th February 2022 @ 11am CET / 10am GMT
  • 45 min webinar to learn more about data driven audiences

There’s a change of paradigm in digital advertising: due to new regulations and consumers behaviour changes, media brands are compelled to adopt a privacy-first approach:

  • concretely, it’s harder to segment, target, perform & measure digital campaigns, i.e. harder to sell, lower perf & declining rev 
  • though companies are actively making decisions to update their data strategies and tech stack, it’s slowed down by recession 
  • advertising professionals are in an uncomfortable in-between where they need to grow revenue, without having the tools in place

In this webinar, our panellists will discuss concrete solutions for advertising professionals on how to approach the question of data driven audiences in a privacy first / cookie less world:

where the overall alternative to 3P cookies & identifiers is well understood among advertising professionals - 1P data - the reality is a little more subtle (it’s not just about 1P data) and the practical deployment of a robust data strategy takes time and resources.

- there is no clear silver bullet to the new reality, finding an adaptable solution, able to support various techniques without changing tool every time, and able to leverage data from multiple environments, not just web & apps (in particular CTV in video inventory general).

- there are multiple ways media brands can leverage data for both anonymous and known users in a cookie less / consent less fashion. Although not enough, EDGE & contextual targeting, are an excellent start to leveraging data driven audiences for the business.

Our speakers :

Webinar - grow your advertising revenue with rapid data-driven audiences