REPLAY - Webinar : Build the Retail media offer of tomorrow

Retailers do have a lot of data. Their massive interactions with their customers all along their journey put them in a position to obtain granular information to use both in their marketing actions and with their advertising Retail Media offer. Within a fierce competition, marketplaces can find a crucial differentiator with the way they collect and activate their customers' data.

Among the biggest European retailers, Fnac-Darty stands as one of the most interesting case study: how can dozens of million data-lake records be leveraged for building a consistent and strong advertising offer that really addresses brands' expectations?

Through building a platform that both enhances much-advanced Insights generation and Data activation for advertisers, they managed to build an innovative and all-inclusive offer for broadly better ad spents on more than 200 activatable segments.

In this webinar, Philip Raby, General Manager International at mediarithmics, lead a panel discussion with Grégory Mialhe (Head of Marketing and Communication at Retailink by Fnac-Darty) and Ben Chivers (Chief Operating Officer at Silverbullet) — to explore the most efficient way to build a future-proofed Retail Media offer, and define the tools needed when it comes to leveraging significant results for brands.

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