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30 questions to ask before choosing a Customer Data Platform

30 questions to ask before choosing a Customer Data Platform

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September 23, 2022

30 questions to ask before choosing a Customer Data Platform

To choose the best Customer Data Platform for your organization is a project in itself. What if you challenged the solution providers with those tricky questions? The more you make them wince, the more confident you can be about your choice. Always be demanding!

The 30 questions

  1. Can the solution reconcile user identity, consent and data?
  2. Can the solution capture all kinds of data from anywhere (multi-channels, multi-devices, multi-organizations)?
  3. Can the solution allow you to replicate your existing marketing use cases, scenarios, automations?
  4. Can the solution connect your data with any other data ecosystems?
  5. Can the solution sustain your volume of data growth?
  6. Can the solution perform at the scale you require?
  7. Can the solution adapt to your business with the capability to customize features such as segmentation?
  8. Does the solution leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)?
  9. Does the solution track both anonymous visitors and known customers across devices?
  10. Does the solution offer flexible and ideally unlimited data collection and retention?
  11. Does the solution integrate with all the data sources that you need to bring together?
  12. Does the solution offer access to all raw data for all data types without requiring external data warehouses?
  13. Does the solution provide the capability to orchestrate omni-channel campaigns with personalized engagement in real time?
  14. Does an enterprise solution offer a flexible way to develop customer segments?
  15. How much assistance does the solution require from IT?
  16. Can the solution process all the data types and formats that you want to unify?
  17. Can it process the most complex analysis and segments you need in your project?
  18. Does the solution have artificial intelligence and machine learning engines?
  19. What type of security should the solution have?
  20. Does the solution match with your organization’s data maturity?
  21. Can your solution connect all your marketing tools (advertising, analytics, CRM…)?
  22. Does the solution increase the autonomy of the marketing team?
  23. Can the technology deliver identity resolution?
  24. Does the platform offer enough look alike options?
  25. Will you be able to activate up-to-date data?
  26. Can you have a comprehensible 360° view of the users?
  27. Can you improve your customer experience thanks to the solution?
  28. Can you catch new marketing opportunities?
  29. Can you improve marketing analyses' reliability?
  30. Does the solution free you from limitations or not?


  1. Will you experiment with an easy set-up?
  2. Can the solution intensify the data collaboration inside your company?
  3. Can the solution intensify the data collaboration inside your company's ecosystem?
  4. Will the solution continue to work in a cookieless world?
  5. Does the solution offer a clean room?
  6. Is the solution eco-friendly?

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