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Privacy Policy

mediarithmics SAS is a marketing and analytics software editor. mediarithmics solutions may collect and process personal data.

In the current context of Big Data and continuous technological evolution, we are aware that personal data processing requires software market players to take more and more responsibility. As a consequence, we take privacy and personal data protection very seriously and commit to:

  • Apply without exception the current regulations about personal data privacy,
  • Make it our duty to raise awareness, to advise and to control our Clients when using our solutions,
  • Ensure a complete transparency to end-users concerning the processing of their personal data.

Regarding personal data management and processing, we take on two roles:

1. Provider of a marketing software

2. Provider of a service to match device identifiers from third-party providers

The hereunder policy details our commitments towards these two roles.


We provide our Clients with software solutions through SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud services. Every Client is given a dedicated instance and access.

mediarithmics acts as a Data Processor under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Principles for providing our Software Solutions

  • Strict isolation of our Client’s personal data

Applying « Privacy by design » principles requires to strictly isolate the personal data collected by each Client using mediarithmics solutions. Collected data is the exclusive property of our Clients. mediarithmics makes no usage of its Client data, nor process any cross-Clients enrichments.

mediarithmics does not carry out any cross-referencing of these data between customers or any other use for its own account.

  • Availability of all tools and services required for compliance

mediarithmics solutions gather a package of services and features that enables regulation compliance and allows users to exercise their rights, including:

o Consent collection and management features

o Collection and consent management features

o Services to access users’ personal data

o Services to proceed to bulk deletions of personal data

  • Advisory duty and intransigence on our Client regulation compliance

We require our Clients to strictly comply with the current regulations on personal data protection when they use our software solutions.

In order to support them, we offer our expertise and advice on how to implement and configure our solutions.

As a Data Processor, we also have a duty to alert whenever we notice a usage that seems noncompliant, either on data collection or data processing.

Description of our Software Solutions

mediarithmics software solutions are part of a complete and integrated marketing platform. Acting as a Data Controller under the GDPR, our Clients are responsible for their usage of our solutions, regarding the data they collect, or the features they use.

This usage must be defined and detailed in a Record of processing activities, which should include:

  • The description of collected data and the storage duration
  • The purpose that justifies the collection
  • The list of mediarithmics features that are used to process this data

To ensure transparency and provide web users with information on our solutions, we detail below the possible usages our Clients may operate.

Those descriptions may not reflect our Clients reality: to get the most accurate information, please refer to the privacy policies of their respective supports.


We recommend our Clients to use our software solutions to serve two purposes:

  • To improve their customer, prospects or user knowledge by understanding their behaviours and expectations
  • To offer personalized marketing content to their customers, prospects or users

Collected data

Clients can collect various natures of data using our solutions:

  • Activity history (e.g. metadata coming from the websites or mobile applications browsing history, exposure to advertising campaigns, etc.)
  • User profiles (e.g. gender, age range etc.)
  • Emails
  • Device advertising identifiers (cookies, mobile identifiers)
  • Device advertising identifiers (cookies, mobile identifiers)
  • Hashed emails identifiers
  • Precomputed audience lists

Each nature can be used to collect standard information (e.g. « URL » for browsing activity, « Gender » for a given profile, etc.) or specific information (« Product universe » for an e-commerce company, « article category » for a news website, etc.).

The collected data may be pseudonymized (e.g. cookie identifier) or fully identifiable (e.g. email).

When setting-up our software solutions, each of our Clients configures the data they wish to collect (with the legal obligation to inform end-users and obtain their consent before capturing).

We strictly forbid the use of our solution to collect and process sensitive data as defined in the GDPR.

Usable features

The features available within our software solutions can be related to the following categories:

  • Data collection from different channels: embedded scripts in web pages, queries on mediarithmics public APIs from servers or mobile applications, flat-files transmissions
  • Segmentation: user lists built by queries on collected data
  • Web site and mobile application advertising campaigns (which can target lists of users identified by their cookies or mobile advertising identifiers)
  • Email advertising campaigns (which targets users using their emails)
  • Transmission of user lists to third party providers (e.g. to broadcast an advertising campaign with another provider)
  • Data exploration and analytics

As for collected data, our Clients are legally obliged to inform the users about features they use to process their personal data.

Consent management, user communication

Each of our Clients, as a Data Controller under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), must:

  • Obtain user consent to collect and process personal data
  • Enable users to exercise their rights to access, modify and delete their personal data
  • Responding to users' requests for access to and deletion of collected data

mediarithmics provides its clients with the necessary tools to fulfil their obligations, including a consent management and traceability system, and automated services to access, edit and delete data.

Your rights of data access, edition, opposition and deletion must be exercised directly against our Clients, as well as the consultation of the consents you gave.

Exercising your rights

Your rights of data access, edition, opposition and deletion must be exercised directly against our Clients, as well as the consultation of the consents you gave.

Personal data security and storage

mediarithmics implements state of the art practices to ensure personal data security, including:

  • Enforcement of security principles at each step of the software creation process, from conception and development to maintenance
  • “Defence in depth”: each software layer is secured (applications, infrastructures and networks)
  • Encryption of communications
  • Physical separation of the databases hosting cookies and mobile identifiers in databases from the databases storing the rest of personal data

Personal data is hosted on dedicated servers within OVH datacentres in France.


In addition to its software solutions, mediarithmics offers its customers access to a terminal identifier reconciliation service.

mediarithmics is positioned in this context as Data Controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Why do we offer this service?

The need to match a device on different websites

Reconciling device identifiers from multiple providers is a prerequisite to:

  • Allow clients that own several brands to reconcile the browsing history of their end-users on their multiple website domains / applications
  • Operate targeted campaigns on third party websites or applications

Device identification

Assuming that the necessary consents have been given by the end-user, there are two ways to identify a device:

1. In the case of mobile applications: through the advertising identifier of the device (« IDFA » for iOS-based systems, « AAID » for Android-based systems).

2. In the case of websites: through an identifier embedded in a cookie.

In the first case, the advertising identifier can be accessed within any application on the device, with a unique value: it is therefore possible to reconcile a given device from an application to another and exchange information between providers (e.g. between an application selling advertisement inventory and advertisers buying this inventory).

In the second case, the advertising identifier is embedded in a cookie, stored in a web browser. This cookie may only be read by the website that wrote it: this website can be the one you are browsing (in this case it will be a « first-party » cookie) or a third-party website (in this case, a « third-party » cookie).

Therefore, in order to reconcile a device browsing two different websites or in order to exchange information between providers, third-party cookies with third-party identifiers must be used.

mediarithmics ensures a matching of third-party identifiers for a given device and offers it as a service, allowing to reconcile a device browsing websites on different domains and expose it to targeted ads.

Service usage principles

This service is offered to each of our Clients. Through the use of our generic scripts to collect website browsing activity, our Clients can enrich the service database and use it to identify a known web browser from one site to another.

To remain consistent with our software editor role, we do not sell this data. The access to this service is included in our contracts for the marketing software solutions.

Description of the service


Match third-party cookie identifiers for a given web browser to reconcile its browsing activity on various websites and retarget it afterwards.

Operation of the service

  • Collection and matching

When our tracking scripts are loaded on web pages, they call the websites of our partners to get the identifiers they gave to the web browser.

If the identifiers are known, the device browsing activity will be linked to an existing device. If not, the identifiers will be stored by the service for future use.

  • Transmission to third party providers

When our Clients share audiences (lists of users) with third-party providers, they may use this service to send identifiers that are already known by the provider.

Processed data

In the scope of this service, we only process cookie identifiers, considered as pseudonymous personal data.

The third-party providers for which we operate this matching service include: Google DoubleClick, AppNexus, SmartAdServer, BidSwitch.  

Legal basis

The collection and processing of your personal data in the scope of this service can only be operated under your consent.

We ask our Clients to obtain the consent of their users, on the web sites on which they collect data, and in compliance with the regulation.

IAB Transparency and Consent Framework

mediarithmics participates in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework under vendor id 184 and complies with its Specifications and Policies.

Right to access, oppose, rectify and delete

If you want to exercise your rights to access, rectify, oppose or delete personal data we collected about you in the scope of the device identifier matching service, we invite you to contact us by email or by mail to the address below.


If you want to get more information on personal data processing by mediarithmics or if you consider the information we wrote above does not allow you to exercise your rights, please contact us:


mediarithmics reserves the right to edit the present policy at any time to follow the evolutions of our software solutions and of the regulation in effect.