mediarithmics and Easyence merge. The group becomes the key player in Retail + Media, find out more.

Providing advanced audience expertise to the largest media players in Europe & Globally

Enabling big data use cases across CTV/OTT, addressable TV, news and special interest verticals

What sets us apart to deliver value to leading media players?

Multiple cookie-less solutions
Including EDGE, Contextual, Data collaboration
and Universal IDs
Large scale data onboarding
Ability to onboard any type of data with no compression or aggregation
100% audience addressability
Including both client side & server side (mix of navigation & PII data) — with no limitation on number of segments
Any type
of ID
Including 1st, 2nd and 3rd party IDs — there is no limitation
Ability to onboard custom Machine Learning models for look-a-likes, socio demo scoring, NBA etc.

Managing your 1st party data

mediarithmics enables media players and broadcasters to grow and retain audiences and increase monetization revenues for a brighter future.

We do this by unlocking the incredible value of your first-party data via innovative solutions designed to grow with your business.

Our clients benefit from real-time segmentation capabilities to deliver best-in-class advertising use cases, as well as improve and personalize the content experience for users or subscribers.

Providing multiple solutions for the end of the cookie

With the impending demise of the cookie, it is important to test and invest in solutions which will ensure a future proof media product.

mediarithmics provides our customers with multiple solutions for the new future, including EDGE Computing, Contextual, Data Collaboration and working with any Universal ID.

And we continue to explore new solutions, knowing there is no silver bullet!

All the connectors you need!

Our positioning enables our media and broadcast clients to deploy monetisation, marketing, personalisation, product and data science use cases — removing barriers across internal teams.

Our agnostic approach to the complex media ecosystem means we are able to provide connectors to deploy specific use cases for each client, including the leading ad servers, SSPs, DSPs, social, email and marketing platforms.

"Through the power of mediarithmics we can easily build and mix audiences"

Alex Wright
Digital Programmatic Lead
Brand awareness
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Questions and answers

Do you support CTV use cases?

CTV is one of the fastest growing sectors in our industry, where we currently work with 6+ broadcasters across Europe. Because of this, the platform enables complex querying of data sets to deliver some of the most advanced CTV use cases in Europe, including BrandM4tch, deployed by Channel 4. Get in touch with the team to find out more!

Which solutions do you offer to replace third-party cookies?

From PPID to Contextual targeting, but also EDGE computing and Universal IDs... we've built a very strong setup to anticipate the end of the cookie. Book a call/demo now with us to match your needs with our solutions!

Why should I get a 360° customer view?

Obtaining the strongest relationship possible with your customers involves being able to record all interactions in one clear format, and in one central location. This view is important to enable accurate segmentation of your data, and consistent communication with your customers, whether it be marketing and media use cases, across multiple channels.

Why would I need a "Next-Gen CDP" and not a CDP?

A CDP typically enables retailers to deploy only marketing based use cases, including acquisition & retention.

A “Next-Gen Data Platform”, like mediarithmics, enables retailers to deploy marketing PLUS monetisation use cases, including the ability to leverage any type of ID (today & future), breaking down the silos between internal teams.

What are the main differences between a DMP and a CDP?

A media DMP enables Ad sales to serve targeted ads, typically using anonymous data, at scale. They focus more on segments of users you know less about, instead of single customers. In a DMP, much of the info typically expires after 90 days. You generally want the audience activation functions of a data management platform (DMP).

On the other hand, a CDP offers much richer functions through creating detailed, identifiable customer profiles for improved ad targeting, personalisation, segmentation, loyalty programs, and the entire customer journey — at a high level of accuracy and precision.

Still here? Great, hear from visionary industry leaders!

That's true, the better ones to talk about us are our wonderful customers, after all.

mediarithmics has revitalised La Presse’s data strategy and provided us with more insights than we have ever had before.

Floran Thoumelin
Head of Media and Data Products

mediarithmics demonstrated unique flexibility and superior EDGE technology capabilities that made them the perfect partner for us

Emeric Trossat
Head of Data