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Opportunities are enormous for direct-to-consumer brands with strong data. Just follow the path to win it all!

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Opportunities are everywhere

As a retailer, you know that the interactions you have with your customers generate an enormous amount of data which can sometimes be overwhelming. At mediarithmics, we see your data as opportunities for you to win new customers and increase revenue.

With competition in eCommerce higher than ever before, the retailers that prepare today are the ones that will win tomorrow.

Reach the next level of personalisation

mediarithmics’ solution is capable of collecting, reconciling and activating data from any touchpoint. We enable marketers to maximise consumer engagement through a centralised interface that offers the ability to personalise campaigns with a unique level of granularity. Next best actions and offers to push haven't ever been so close.

One platform for all your needs

Our next-generation customer data platform (CDP) has been designed to meet the demands of today’s marketers:

  • Sophisticated dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)
  • Optimised multi-brand customer journeys
  • Churn probability calculation
  • Look-alike modelling…

And so much more.

We believe that our technology can super-charge your retail business, get in touch to find out more.

Questions and answers

Why should I get a 360° customer view?

Getting the strongest relationship possible with your customer involves being able to record in one place all your interactions under activatable format. In your data infrastructure, the node representing the user is called a user point and acts as the central point linking all the information collected. It's crucial for building the way you will interact with your customer and offer him what can bring you the highest value in return.

Why would I need a "Next-Gen CDP" and not a CDP?

To build a 360° customer view that won’t be based only on cookies tomorrow, we strongly believe marketing teams need to rely on a platform which links media with CRM and multiple IDs to collect more data per user.

Our platform breaks down the silos and gives marketers more control over their data. With providing future-proof technological infrastructure, we are able to ensure delivery of all marketing use cases — for today and tomorrow.

What are the main differences between a DMP and a CDP?

A media DMP enables Ad sales to serve targeted ads, using anonymous data, at scale. They focus more on segments of users you know less about, instead of single customers. In a DMP, much of the info typically expires after 90 days. You generally want the audience activation functions of a data management platform (DMP).

On the other hand, a CDP offers much richer functions through creating detailed, identifiable customer profiles for improved ad targeting, personalisation, segmentation, loyalty programs, and the entire customer journey — at a high level of accuracy and precision.

How does mediarithmics work?

Best marketing decisions always stem from the most granular data. To empower the most efficient decision-making, the mediarithmics platform can collect data from any source: whether it comes from the online activity of your users or from offline sources, everything you need to know is stored in a graph, to connect all the information collected about one single user.

How could I build a strong Retail Media offer?

Building an advertising offer to provide brands with the most granular data for their marketing activation sure is a big challenge. It's the very fundamental idea of what mediarithmics offers to retailers, with the technological backbone to organise data collection, reconciliation and activation in real-time with the most advanced tools. Book a call to see how our solutions can make you quickly successful with your strategical use cases!

As a retailer, I'll quickly need activatable solutions for the end of third-party cookies. What do you offer?

We do have a lot to propose you can use from now on. Be it Independent IDs, EDGE computing... a world of possibilities opened up. Book a call NOW to match your use cases with our solutions!

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